Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hip Hip Pooh-ray

A number of Pooh cels were sold on ebay this week. Here are some of the best.
Christopher Robin
Sold on ebay: $360.00
Great Christopher Robin cel. While Christopher Robin is often the smartest character in the series (not counting Owl who, let's be honest, is really just fatuous). Yet here, we see Christopher is still just a child.

Kanga and Roo

Sold on ebay: $561.00

As a cousin of mine used to say, this cel is "such a dorable." The set-up is so comforting you feel like hopping right into Kanga's pouch. And considering its ebay, and considering its not main characters, the price is pretty good.
Pooh and Christopher Robin

Sold on ebay: $842.00
One of the most charming Pooh cels I've ever seen. The scene depicts Pooh as a "little black rain cloud" and Christopher Robin helping him. Not only is this a great Pooh pose, but also great effects.

Little story behind this collection: "Being sold on behalf of the person who purchased them originally in the 60's & 70's. Unfortunately, due to upcoming bills, he is forced to let some of his collection go." Apparently, the person is sick and needs money to help with the bills. Whoever this person is, I wish him a speedy recovery. It's a shame he had to part with these great cels for that reason.

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