Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today's spotlight

From ebay:
Sleeping Beauty Production Cel
Current bid: $1,300
End Date: May 5

A great cel from one of the most sought after scenes in SLEEPING BEAUTY. Slightly odd pose of the animals and everyone's eyes are closed but still a magical image.

From ebay:
Marie from the Aristocats
Sold: $229.29

Not perfect condition but just about the ideal pose for this character. Marie is quickly becoming a cult Disney favorite thanks to some sly marketing from the company. Pretty good buy.

From Wonderful World Art Gallery

Selling price: $3,500
Tramp, Scamp and Lady

Interesting set-up of three popular characters. Asking price seems a little high and the cels appear in different scenes in the film. Still, great to see some nice poses from this film (though Tramp oddly evil).

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