Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Night Roundup

From Wonderful World of Animation Art
Mickey from Mickey's Kangaroo Master Set-Up
Sold: $19,500

From the last black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon. As mentioned with the Santa's Workshop cel below, it is rare to see something this old in such great condition. Add in the original background and the Walt Disney signature and it's easy to see why it was snapped up so fast.

Figaro from Pinocchio
Sale price: $2,400

Sure, Figaro's eyes are closed - he's sleeping. But this is a really adorable cel. Figaro is one of my favorite characters and Pinocchio is one of the very finest Disney films. The price seems pretty standard for a gallery.

From ebay:
Owl from Bambi
Sold: $738.00

Interesting cel from one of Disney's golden era films. Perhaps a little below market price but pretty close.

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