Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get ready for one of the most exciting animation auctions of the year! S/R Labs hosts a Spring and Fall auction every year. You can buy a catalog or wait til May 19th when the auction goes online. Always has a few great surprises and lots of rare pieces.
From ebay
Donald Duck and Jose Carioca from Saludos Amigos
Sold: $975.55
Great pose by Donald (is there a more classic Donald pose?) and interesting cel of Jose. Clearly this set-up has seen better days. The waviness is customary for a cel this old. However, with great character poses and renewed interest in Saludos Amigos (a new DVD and the film festival premiere of WALT AND EL GRUPO), its easy to see why this vintage cel was bought up for this price.

These two classic cels were taken off of ebay late last week. It will be interesting to see if they pop up elsewhere. Two great pieces. Hopefully, we'll see them real soon.


Sold on ebay for $2,729.99. As stated earlier on this blog, this is a great cel from one of the most cherished moments in Disney animation history. Briar Rose dancing with the "Owl Prince" is highly sought after. I admit I was slightly surprised the cel went quite as high as it did though. I guess I learned there are some hungry ebayers out there after all. They are willing to pay for the right piece.


Bob Cowan said...

Frankly, I was surprised that it went so inexpensively (depending on the background and condition of the cel). You're absolutely right, it is a great scene and someone has a wonderful piece of art.

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This is a beautiful piece, a fine addition to the lucky collector who acquired it.

Brian, love your blog. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I was quite surprised the price shot up so high. True, this is from the important sequence Once Upon A Dream, but Briar Rose's eyes are closed, and the Owl's too, the Owl looked awkward.

Susan said...

I know where the Santa Workshop setup ended up. It is at Van Eaton Galleries, they are asking for $20k for it. Well, at least the cel is being well-taken care of!
Love your blog!