Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

From ebay
Prince John from Robin Hood
Sold: $255.73
One of Disney's most underrated villains, Prince John is perhaps the most entertaining characters from Robin Hood. This image appears to be wavy, which is unfortunately not uncommon for cels. The pose is slightly awkward, because in the film, he's sitting in a throne. Still, notice all the rich colors in this image - from the rings to the inside of his robe. A solid buy! Frame included, which raises a question: When you buy, do you prefer it framed or not? Let me know!


WickedOne said...

I was watching that cel, but I decided to pass on it. That is a great price though!

As for framing. I can be a cheap person about that. I would rather have it without a frame when I buy it, because it saves on shipping. eBay sellers tend to ask way too much for shipping most of the time. $40+ for shipping something is a bit much. I have a friend working at a frame shop, so I usually get my artwork framed for free or at a VERY low cost. I have purchased a few cels that came framed though. But boy were they some ugly frames! lol

Bob Cowan said...

Framing is a funny thing. The Tarzan pieces I picked up at auction were in no-frills frames. In that case, I would have preferred to have the naked art. On the other hand, I tend to put quite a bit of thought and money into special framing and really resent it when auction houses don't show the frame and how items are showcased.