Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Night Roundup

From ebay:
Roscoe and Desoto from Oliver and Company
Sold: $200

Really?? Sure a framed Disney production cel is worth something. But I'd be hard-pressed to think of two characters less desirable from any Disney film than Roscoe and Desoto. Is that harsh? Considering you can pick up a cel of Oliver and the entire gang for $200 on ebay, it seems odd to me that this cel would have been snatched up. Am I wrong? (Not rhetorical, tell me if I'm wrong).

From ebay
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore
Sold: $15.50

A cel of Winnie the Pooh from the last featurette (though made with the new generation of Disney animators). A steal for the price. The really cool thing about this item is not that it was being sold with a drawing of Pooh, but that it includes a rare production overlay of the pages in which Pooh and his world exist. The "book" is what helps give the original Pooh series its magical feel.

From ebay:

Peanuts gang from A Charlie Brown Christmas

Sold: $1,534.00

While Disney cels are the main focus of this blog, a treasure like this cel cannot be ignored. Recently sold on ebay, this is a great cel from this holiday classic. Similar cels without Snoopy and Linus have sold for between $1400 and $1900.

From ebay

Two cels from Small One

Sold: $324.89

Interesting pairing from Disney's attempt at a holiday classic. Small One has its fans but the short has been all but forgotten when Disney animation is discussed. Still, a great cel of the two main characters with another cel thrown in for the deal.

From ebay

Mickey in Brave Little Tailor

Sold: $2,800

An amazing cel of classic Mickey in one of his last appearances before his Fantasia makeover. Great Courvoisier set-up. I'm sure a gallery would charge more than this price for the cel, especially because it appears to be in good shape and Mickey has a cute pose.

From ebay

Jiminy Crickey in Pinocchio

Sold: $999.00

Jiminy gets ready to knock some sense into the boys in Pleasure Island. A great scene from this animated masterpiece. There is some paint missing from Jiminy's foot. Interestingly, once the reserve was met, the bidding stopped.


WickedOne said...

On Roscoe and Desoto... I own two cels of these guys, and to be honest... though HORRIBLE characters from this film, the cel setups are very nice in person. I was a little surprised to see that one reach $200. One of mine has both characters with a background, and I paid $100 for it on eBay about 5 years ago.

However, these guys seem pretty popular because cels of them are hard to find and because, well.. they are Disney villains! Everybody seems to love 'em.

Brian O'Neil said...

Wickedone - thanks for the feedback. $200 just seemed high for these character. Especially because on ebay, you can get almost the entire cast from Oliver and Company. Perhaps a future post will focus on why Great Mouse Detective and Oliver and Company cels are so affordable. Hope you like the site. Brian

WickedOne said...

Oh, I very much agree with you about the final price of this cel. I felt it was a bit much as well.

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Oliver & Company, so I have a large amount of cels from this film. The low prices make it easy for me to find the art I want, but at the same time, I hate to see cels from this film go so low.

I do collect art from older Disney films as well. But Oliver & Co has a special place in my heart, since it was one of the first Disney films I saw as a child.

I am interested in your thoughts about Oliver & Co, The Great Mouse Detective and so on. So I do hope you make a post about it!

And yes, I am enjoying your site! Thank you! :)