Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Roundup

From ebay
Dumbo from Dumbo
Sold: $2501
Adorable action shot of Dumbo, in amazing condition. The owner says it was purchased a few years ago for double the price.

From Philip Weiss Auctions
Donald and nephews from The Hockey Champ
Sold: $2,300
Great poses of Donald and his nephews from this classic film. I understand the high price due to the Vintage nature of the item and yet considering the selling price of another Donald piece at the same auction (see below) and the waviness of this cel, I am a little surprised.
From Philip Weiss Auctions
Pegasus family from Fantasia
Sold: $4,500
Amazing cel. Its rare to see a cel with multiple members of the Pegasus family. Also, notice the stunning reflection cel being sold with this. The highest selling Disney cel from this auction.

From Philip Weiss Auction

Captain Hook from Peter Pan

Sold: $1,350

One of everyone's favorite Disney villains being caught by surprise. The exaggerated pose is classic. Like a lot of classic villains, Hook cels typically go for as much as, if not more than, the main hero.

From Philip Weiss Auctions

Ostriches from Fantasia

Sold: $2,300

Another amazing cel from Fantasia. The item says it's on a "studio background." Great condition. Really a fantastic buy.

From Philip Weiss Auctions

Donald and Daisy from Don Donald

Sold: $1,300

Donald and Daisy from this classic cartoon. Daisy, one of the angriest Disney characters, is off in a huff as Donald - at his most charming - chases after her. Again, considering how much the cel of Donald and his nephews sold for, this seems almost like a bargain. Any thoughts on the thousand dollar difference between these items?

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Bob Cowan said...

Wow! I think these were a bargain! Some of the Fantasia items a few years ago would have gone for 2-4x. Super time to pick stuff up...