Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SR Lab Preview

The website for SR Lab's spring auction will be up and running next week. In the meantime, Scoop has a preview of some of the beautiful pieces which are up for auction. Take a look at the stunner from Fantasia's Nutcracker sequence. These fish with translucent tails - in a formation akin to Busby Berkeley - are absolutely gorgeous. Also, note the effects included in this set-up.

And then there's this cel of Cruella. Look at the devilish look on her face as she laughs to herself over her diabolical plan. While she's not wearing her classic coat and her eyes are closed, this is sure to be a hugely popular item.
One more interesting note about the cel on the cover of the article. It's currently for sale on AnimationCelection.com. We know from their website that this setup includes a production background.

Speaking of Animation Celection, their website is one of the most disappointing online galleries. First of all, as a collector, I hate websites which don't tell you their prices. What are they hiding? A gallery as well known as Celection should really have its act together. They rarely update their website. Hence, an item like this one is being sold in a couple weeks at a different auction but they still have it listed on their own website. I don't say this to bash Animation Celection. They have one of the best collections online. But they really need to care more about their own website.

So, are you excited for this spring's SR Lab auction? What kind of cels are you hoping to see there?

Also, how do you feel about Animation Celection and other galleries which don't share their prices until you contact them? Am I being too harsh?

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